Data Center Litigation

Our firm represents contractors engaged in the construction of data centers, including facilities for multiple Fortune 100 companies.  Data center litigation is inherently high stakes, as it involves the fundamental ability of the data center owner to conduct business.  An unexpected data center outage can have disastrous financial consequences, causing business to grind to a halt.  Data center owners will look to the engineers and contractors that constructed the data center for recovery.  Theories of liability are wide-ranging, and could include failure to conduct ampacity or Neher-McGrath calculations, improper coordination of construction, or improper layout of the power supply.  Our firm is well-versed in the technical and legal aspects behind the causes of, and liability for, data center failures.

Data center design and construction practices are constantly evolving as new technology emerges, and resolving a data center claim requires a high degree of technical expertise and legal acumen.  Our team of litigators has developed expertise on the technical and legal issues prevalent in data center litigation, uniquely positioning Fisher Bren & Sheridan, LLP to represent clients involved in data center disputes.  We have used this expertise to achieve cost-effective, favorable results for our clients.